Why You Should Buy Youtube Views & How - 2019

Why You Should Buy Youtube Views & How - 2019

FAQs for Buying YouTube Views - Why you should buy youtube views

Buying YouTube Views can be a little complicated, so we’ve prepared as many frequently asked questions as we ought to consider and did our studies for every single one of them. Enjoy buying views and actually understanding what you’re doing, and how to do it most effectively.

General FAQ

How do you buy youtube views?
Buying youtube views as an exciting endeavour. But how do you begin? Where do you start? First of all, you need to understand this: Not all views are the same. The may seem weird, but that is true, and the quality of the views depends on the provider you choose. Some providers supply their customers with views from mobile devices, from advertising, from social networking or other ways. The ways these providers procure their views differs heavily, so how do you decide which provider to buy from? That is what we will try to help you with in this post. First, let's get a more in-depth look of the youtube views.

Where do views come from?
This varies based at the agency or dealer and their strategies. Some legit corporations provide views from a variety of locations to simulate natural traffic (social media, websites, blogs, etc), and some providers even provide you with the ability to choose where these views should come from. Others generate views from bots or clickfarms which is why you see so different pricings around the web. This views are usually low quality, and may drop.

Can you make money from buying views to monetized videos?
You can't. YouTube and Google are both very clever in retaining their cash and views you buy do not behave the same as natural views do. So be sure to disable ads on the videos you are promoting by buying youtube views, or other services for.
However, even though you may not make money directly off the video you promote, the views you buy will increase your popularity and increase the exposure you get, and therefore indirectly increase your earnings through more views on your other views and sponsorships.

What is the ideal price for youtube views?
Since shopping for views varies widely based on the strategies or methods used to get those views, prices can vary a lot. Here are some guidance on expenses and the usual type of views you will get with the price you choose.

Cheap Views ($0.5-2 per 1,000 Views) – These are the super cheap views see on Fiverr or independant dealers on forums. These views are usually from bots or click farms and are a very low quality source of views.

Regular Views ($3-4 per 1,000 Views) – These are the most sold ones, and have a mix of types of views. The quality of these can vary a lot, since it could just be lower quality view priced higher, or views of good quality.

Organic / Targeted Views ($5-10 per 1,000 Views) – They are generally from good quality resources together with relevant web sites, social networks, influencers, blogs, advertisements, and many others. These view could also be over priced regular views, so you have to test the waters when considering buying these.

Common Concerns

Is buying views safe?
It is almost always safe to buy views. The reason it is not 100%, is because it is not all providers that are up to date, and using the methods. Furthermore, it is not illegal to buy views, so you will not get in trouble legally either.

Can I get banned?
Nope. Whether you purchase top notch natural perspectives or dirty cheap bot views, you received’t get banned from YouTube and as of 2014, your video cannot get removed. The worst to be able to manifest is your views will drop, but this usually only happens if you buy poor quality views. 

Think about it like this: If you could get banned from buying views, you could effortlessly just buy your competitors views secretly. They would then get banned, and you would have 1 less competitor. That would be a stupid system right?

Can I get scammed?
Absolutely! Just like all enterprises, there are lots of scammers and bad companies that only care for a fast buck. They’d love to take your cash and run. That is why you have to find out more about the dealer you a considering buying from. One key factor to check is to see whether or not the provider is registered as a company or not.

Can I lose the views I bought?
Yes. There is constantly a risk of losing some views as YouTube constantly updates and therefore becomes better at detecting bought views. Though your chance of losing views is dramatically reduced whilst you purchase high quality views, it is not 100% sure, but most reputable companies provide a refill/guarantee period for the views.

Is buying views illegal?
As mentioned earlier, it is not illegal to buy youtube views, so do not be afraid.

Are sold views apparent? Can others tell I buy views?
That relies on the way you buy them. If you buy 10000 views to be delivered to a video that has gotten 10 in the last day or so, that would seem weird. That is why we encourage you to buy an amount suitable for your needs. Perhaps you want to buy low amounts to all your videos to simulate natural growth, rather than buying all the views to one video, however, it is not forbidden at all, and it can sometimes be an advantage too. If you target a specific niche, and know you want to rank in those search terms, buying a lot of views, likes and comments can help you video rank and therefore gain natural growth as a result of your bought views. 

Service Questions
Here are a number of questions associated with the service itself, and some of the terms used when providers describe them.

How long does it take?
This relies upon at the corporation. Many companies have to do it manually, while some have resorted to a system, which queues everything up, so the orders are next to instant. The speed also varies depending on the amount of views bought, since 500 views are a lot faster to deliver, than 50.000. However, large quantites of views should still be delivered within a day or 2, if the provider is of good reputation and quality.

What does “Retention” mean?
Retention refers to the amount of watch time on a video. This is usually indicated in a percentage, which indicates how much of an video you can expect the views to increase the watch time.

“High Retention” means that there is high watch time associated with the views. This is usually around 70-80%

“Mixed Retention” is, well, mixed retention. You can get some with low retention and some with high retention, so buying this kind of youtube views simulate natural watch time, as not all people would want to watch a video for the same amount of time. 

“Low Retention”. I bet you can guess what this means. Yes, you are correct (I think) - it means that there is low watch time on the views. This watch time is usually about 10%.

"Organic retention" is mostly just another word for mixed retention. The retention is mixed, and highly depends on the content of the video as higher quality content equals higher retention.

What is retention good for?
The better your viewer retention, the better chance you have got at getting your video ranked on YouTube in the different search results, and it can even make your videos appear in the “Suggested Videos” section. This is due to the fact that YouTube is spotting that humans that watch your video loves it and therefore watch a high percentage of the video. Youtube wants to keep people on their website for as long as possible, and if your video has higher retention than your competitors, it will favour your video over your competition as that equates to more money for them.

Are real human beings watching my video if I purchase views?
Maybe, however it’s difficult to tell. If you buy from a good firm, the views will probably originate from humans – whether through social sharing, YouTube promoting or visitor exchanges. If you buy from a cheaper company you can, nevertheless, get views from actual human beings, but here it is more likely that you get views from bots.

These are some of the questions we get regarding the results of buying youtube views.

Will shopping for YouTube views assist my Video search engine optimization?
Yes, however, you need to do it right to make it as efficient as possible. Buying views together with likes and comments will help, as the youtube algorithm loves videos with engagements and high watch time, but that is not everything.

Your video has to have an optimized title, description and dags in addition to having high quality content. So if you want to get the most out of buying views, study up beforehand, and research your competitors. 

Can a video become viral from buying youtube views?
Absolutely! We have heard of a number of success stories from people that bought youtube views to promote their video, but again, the success also heavily depends on the optimization you have done and the content of the video.

Buying views will provide your video with credibility and social evidence that insinuate people to watch it, but if those human beings do not like it and do not share it, then your video isn’t going to gain much traction. If your video is hillarious, funny, or otherwise engaging, then it has a higher probability to go viral.

It all starts with making an amazing video.

How can buying views assist my nearby business?
It can help you gain credibility and entice customers to choose your business over the neighbor's. We humans judge things and people constantly, and when judging a video, one of the factors that, we, the “potential customers” will examine subconsciously is how popular the video is. If your video at most has a hundred views then they’ll recognize right off the bat that you are not that popular, which might lead them to choose another business to work with. On the opposite hand, if your videos have lots of views, hundreds of likes and loads of feedback then the "potential customers" will notice it and subconsciously rate you higher than the competition.

How can shopping for views assist my online commercial enterprise / website?
Similar to the answer to the above question, buying views can increase your revenue by enticing new customers to do business with you, rather than choosing the competitor.

What have we learned then?

Buying views can be a great tool to promote your brand, but to reach maximum effectiveness, you need to choose wisely when purchasing views, since the difference between picking low quality and high quality views can have a huge difference in the ranking of your video. Also, we have learned the buying youtube views is not dangerous since it is not illegal, and you cannot get banned for it.